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Climate Change

<a href="">Climate Change</a>

Agronomy for climate-smart agriculture in Latin America

 by Karina Feijoo

If you are about to enroll in or conduct your PhD research, you could be part of a new generation of rice scientists

Ecosystem Services

<a href="">Ecosystem Services</a>

Surinam, a forest wealth country affected by an environmental issue

 by Paula Andrea Paz

Suriname, one of the most forested countries in the world is currently impacted by one of the most controversial

Linking Farmers to Markets

<a href="">Linking Farmers to Markets</a>

Nuevas adaptaciones de LINK en el Perú

 by Carolina Acevedo

Escrito por Jhon Jairo Hurtado y Carolina Acevedo Un nuevo Ciclo de Aprendizaje en torno a la construcción de

Impact and Strategic Studies

<a href="">Impact and Strategic Studies</a>

RTB GIS Initiative Promotes Open Data

 by Glenn Hyman

A group of seven professionals applying spatial analysis and GIS to roots, tubers and bananas (RTB) research met last


<a href="">Gender</a>

Gender mainstreaming through education of future scientists

 by Manon Koningstein

A lecture on Gender, Climate Change and Agriculture for the Master program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food

Data and Information

<a href="">Data and Information</a>

What happens when park rangers monitor land cover via Terra-i’s eyes? Training experience in Oxampampa, Peru

 by Paula Andrea Paz

During the week of September 29 to October 3, the "Training Course in Geographical Information Management Module 2",

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