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Climate Change

<a href="">Climate Change</a>

Exceso y déficit hídricos: Lecciones aprendidas y buenas prácticas agrícolas

 by Diana Carolina Giraldo

Los días 31 de julio y 1 de agosto se llevará a cabo en la ciudad de Guayaquil-Ecuador el taller de

Ecosystem Services

<a href="">Ecosystem Services</a>

What future will Guianan forests face with upcoming road infrastructure projects?

 by Alejandro Coca

A second stage of road impact assessments funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) was carried out based on

Linking of Farmers to Markets

<a href="">Linking of Farmers to Markets</a>

Los rostros detrás de los datos: Compartiendo los resultados de las cadenas productivas en Boyacá y Quindío

 by Elizabeth Minchew

Entre el 7 y el 11 julio, cuatro miembros del equipo Linking Farmers to Markets (LFM), que hacen parte del Área de

Impact and Strategic Studies

<a href="">Impact and Strategic Studies</a>

RTB GIS Initiative Promotes Open Data

 by Glenn Hyman

A group of seven professionals applying spatial analysis and GIS to roots, tubers and bananas (RTB) research met last


<a href="">Gender</a>


 by Manon Koningstein

Overall, the project has been a big success The participants felt that they had learned something really valuable, and

Data and Information

<a href="">Data and Information</a>

The third update of TERRA-i Peru – What is it all about?

 by Alejandro Coca

Since TERRA-i Peru was officially launched in April 2014, multiple outcomes and dissemination have been relevant for

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