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23rd Association for Science and Information on Coffee Conference

Guest blogger Thomas Oberthur tells us about his presentation in the Association for Science and Information on Coffee Conference.

This time, the biannual ASIC conference was held in Nusa Dua, Bali. It is the most important coffee science event for the industry. Over the last couple of events a clear trend has been emerging of much stronger representation of (a) agronomic systems management aspects (particularly a number of posters highlighted the role of plant nutrition within sustainable coffee systems), (b) all aspects of specialty coffee and (c) issues related to cooperation between value chain members. This year’s event had two main themes including “coffee science and health” and “coffee science and sustainability and climate change”.

The conference was organized around the following sessions:23rd Coffee Conference

  • Indonesian Coffee Situation
  • Coffee consumption and Human physiology
  • Coffee chemistry
  • Coffee processing
  • Genomics and genetics
  • Labels – Quality and Breeding
  • Coffee Agronomy – Pathology and Breeding
  • Coffee Agronomy – Sustainability and Agroecology

I presented the paper by P. Läderach, T. Oberthür, O. Ovalle and A. Eitzinger on “Impacts of global climate change in Mesoamerican coffee systems” within the first of two sub sessions of the Coffee Agronomy – Sustainability and Agroecology block. The paper was very well received and demonstrated the leadership role that CIAT currently has in this area. It was one of very few contributions to present quantitative assessments and alternative pathways (a) to understand the impacts of and threats from climate variability in coffee systems and (b) to realize the emerging opportunities from climate variability. The paper generated lively interest by industry companies and other research organizations. I had the pleasure to co-chair the last session of the conference within the Coffee Agronomy – Sustainability and Agroecology block. Andrea Illy announced in his closing remarks San Jose, Costa Rica as the host of the 2012 event.

Cheers from Bali,

Thomas Oberthur

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