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A Samoan Circle in our PABRA KM Workshop

samoancircleSimone Staiger and I are facilitating a workshop on KM tools and methods in Kampala, Uganda, for the good people of the Pan African Bean Research Alliance (PABRA). This morning, after a round of introductions filled with good news of accomplishments, results and so on from this group and the region, we have had interesting discussions on what KM is, its pillars and related disciplines. We came back from the break into a Samoan Circle where we are discussing our main challenges related to knowledge management and sharing. Some (very interesting!) main topics/ challenges being discussed:

INCENTIVES for good KM: is it all personal inclination or external incentives? The issue of time- do we have enough time to do knowledge sharing?

END USERS of the information: are our linkages with outputs and actors clear?  How can we engage with end users? Packaging knowledge products for the different target groups we have.  A challenge is to reduce scientific jargon in our communication with partners and end users- we need to share a message where the same words are understandable by many groups. Stakeholder analysis to find information needs of stakeholders, and documenting the process, not just the end product.

Lack of technical CAPACITY: how to build them? Capacity, empowerment, funding and recognizing the importance of communication and knowledge sharing.

Collective (team) production has to build on individual capacities, effort and attitude, backed up by MANAGEMENT SUPPORT.

Within PABRA- who filters the information?

Few people in CIAT are using some social media tools- maybe we just have to choose one and use it! But also, some people use these tools to talk to themselves. Champions and incentives…

Science culture and the CG centers CULTURE makes us tend to ‘hoard’ and ‘package’ knowledge and publishing- indirectly, through performance evaluations.

At what stage can release information, and is it ok? Does the information have to go through checkpoints, or can we publish some things? Taking risks! and ‘bigger picture’ motivations to share.

What i would really like to see now are some comments from the session participants… PABRANS…anything to add? Anything to contribute, comment?

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