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Carlos Navarro

Data for better understanding the changing climate

Cross-posted from the CCAFS blog. The CCAFS-Climate portal emerges at a time of growing need for high-resolution climate data to assess the impacts of Read more...

What’s new in DAPA’s crop and climate modeling team

The Crop and Climate modeling team serves as a source of expertise in DAPA for best modeling practices.  We work on diverse projects with both interna Read more...

Seasonal climate and crop forecasts for agricultural risk management

One of the most important activities carried out under the project "Seasonal climate forecasts for agricultural crop and risk management" developed by Read more...

Innovative models to manage climate risk spread to Mozambique

During the last days of February of this year, a training was carried out in the facilities of the Mozambique Agricultural Research Institute (IIAM) Read more...

Climate Change in Colombian High Plains

(taken from “Aumentaría el calor en la Altillanura en 2030”) The Colombian High Plains future climate scenario was the result of both one Read more...

Avances en CIAT en Modelación Climática

Representar con Modelos de Circulación General (GCMs) una zona tan compleja como Suramérica no es suficiente, debido a la variada topografía, las exte Read more...

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