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CIAT actively working on improvement of the cassava model

Since our last blog  in September 2012,  the cassava Crop Model Improvement Team (CMIT), which is led by CIAT,  has been working on the improvement of the model. Aspects we are changing are the control of leaf size by photothermal time, crop branching, and nitrogen distribution, among others.  Last month, April 2013, we released an updated version of the  model, which will be part of the new DSSAT  v4.6 and will also be included in APSIM.

Cassava CMIT meeting

Cassava CMIT Team in the last meeting in April

But still there are many things to do. The Team has the long-term goal to provide the cassava community with the capability to answer what is likely to happen if they follow a particular course of action.  Our overall objective is to develop a model that accurately simulates cassava growth and yield under a wide range of climate, soil, genetic, and management conditions, some of which currently do not exist. People interested in cassava include policy makers, the private sector, cassava growers, and the research community.

Individuals or organizations who demonstrate that they can contribute knowledge, data, programming skills, or make other contribution to the development of an effective cassava model are invited to join the cassava CMIT.

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harvest weight cassava model

Figure 1. Simulation of harvest yield of cassava variety MCol-1684 with the original DSSAT sub-model (top) and the current version as revised in April, 2013 to take account of leaf size with photothermal time, crop branching, and nitrogen distribution (bottom).

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