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CIAT attends International Conference of Agricultural Economists

The 28th International Conference of Agricultural Economist, dedicated to global Bio-economy, was held from August 18 to 24 in the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu.  ICAE, which takes place every three years, is one of the most important events in the field of global agricultural economy. This year, it managed to bring together more than 600 professionals such as researchers, directors of research centres, university professors, representatives of multilateral organisations, and NGOs. Among them were 5 researchers from CIAT who participated with three mini symposiums and two posters:

The three mini symposiums were:

  • Inclusion of small-scale actors in the LAC Bioeconomy. (Henry, G., Baquero, I.,  Fallot, A. and Wander, A.)
  • Innovations in methodologies for analyzing the gender asset gaps in agriculture. (Doss, C., Johnson, N. and Twyman, J.)
  • Bio-economic modeling to assess options for enhancing agricultural development and food security under climate change in the developing world.(Nelson, G., Berger, T., Gbegbelegbe, S., Kleinwechter, U., González, C. and Havlik, P.)

The two posters were (see links below):

  • Analysis of diffusion strategies in Northeast Brazil for new cassava varieties with improved nutritional quality. (Gonzalez, C., Perez, S., Cardozo, C., Andrade, R. and Johnson, N.)
  • Informal ‘‘Seed’’ Systems and the Management of Gene Flow in Traditional Agroecosystems: The Case of Cassava in Cauca, Colombia. (Dyer, G., Gonzalez, C. and Lopera, D.C.)

More information in http://www.itarget.com.br/newclients/sober.org.br/icae_2012/ or contact:

Carolina Gonzalez  c.gonzalez@cgiar.org

Salomón Pérez   s.p.suarez@cgiar.org

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