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Climate, agriculture and food security: a CGIAR manifesto

CGIAR Report Front CoverThis is a cross post from CIAT’s Andy Jarvis from the Climate Change section of this DAPA blog.   The CG’s 2009 Climate, Agriculture, and Food Security Report illuminates the complex challenges that climate change will bestow on the worlds poorest communities, most noticeably, those whose fates and fortunes are tied to land and agricultural production.  As mentioned, the majority of small farmers in the developing world will be impacted the hardest and the soonest.  Innovative tools and methods for less carbon-centric production will remain a critical goal for poverty reduction and hunger alleviation , supported by new business models and buying practices that call for the inclusion of  the worlds poorest as valuable actors in a sustainable food system. – Katie Ricketts, Dapa Markets

At COP15 in December, the CGIAR launched a report about its work on climate change and agriculture, giving a very comprehensive summary of ongoing research within the centres as well as a strategy for the future.  CIAT figures prominently, with descriptions of our work on modelling the impacts of climate change on crop production and crop wild relatives, the development of drought tolerant beans, the Quesungual slash and mulch system, and biological nitrification inhibition (BNI) for mitigating climate change in pastures.  The report also contains a number of spectacular photos from CIAT’s Neil Palmer.  It is quite amazing to see the amount of work that is going on  in the CGIAR with respect to climate change, and undoubtedly efforts will increase over the coming years.  -Andy Jarvis, CIAT, DAPA Program

The document also presents a strategy for the future, centered around the Challenge Program for Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS).  CIAT will be working very closely with CCAFS on a range of issues, and our very own Andy Jarvis is co-leading Theme 5 on Adapting to Progressive Climate Change with Dr. Andy Challinor from the University of Leeds.  For a brief description of the CCAFS strategy, there is a brochure, and for a complete description of the program there is a more lengthy report.  You’ll be hearing more about progress with CCAFS Theme 5 on this blog over the coming months.    -Andy Jarvis

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