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DAPA shares its knowledge at the International Conference on Coffee Science

(Author: Christian Bunn)

DAPA’s theme leader for Climate Change, Peter Läderach (left), at ASIC 2012. Photo: Christian Bunn

Costa Rica’s capital city San José is currently hosting the 24th International Conference on Coffee Science (ASIC 2012). Almost 500 coffee researchers and industry representatives meet for four days of exciting presentations on all the latest coffee knowledge, reviewing the state of the coffee art and making plans for the coming two years until the next ASIC event. This Friday the participants will go on a field trip to visit our partners at the CATIE.

DAPA was present at the ASIC conference with a broad set of contributions from smallholder vulnerability analysis to the integrated global climate change impact model for the coffee sector, which we developed together with our colleagues at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). At the DAPA booth our representatives presented the book “Specialty Coffee” that was edited by some of our colleagues.

DAPA researcher Oriana Ovalle gives a presentation at ASIC 2012. Photo: Theresa Liebig

DAPA’s Coffee and Climate researchers Oriana Ovalle and Christian Bunn also had the opportunity to deliver a presentation to the ASIC audience, warning of the potential impacts of climate change on global coffee production and pointing out opportunities for those who wish to prepare themselves for the ongoing changes.

The key argument is that climate change gives the issue of sustainability in coffee production a global dimension. While adaptive strategies need to be site specific, the impacts and feedbacks are felt across the globe. Initial results from our research models demonstrate that the available area for Arabica coffee will be reduced, which will lead to increased deforestation pressure, especially in Asian regions.

DAPA’s Visiting Researcher Christian Bunn giving a presentation at ASIC 2012. Photo: Theresa Liebig

Over the last years DAPA has developed a widely recognized competence in coffee research with 35 full or part time researchers in coffee related projects, both in value chain and climate impact research. (Read blog “Coffee under pressure”).

Our DAPA representatives are certainly glad to have met old friends from previous and ongoing projects and are excited to see what will result from the newly established connections at ASIC.



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