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DAPA’s SRTM topography data reaches 750,000 users

Jun 9th, 2011 | By | Category: Data, Uncategorized

This week we celebrate three quarters of a million confirmed users of our SRTM topography dataset which is available through the CSI spatial data server (   The near global data on high resolution (~90m) topography has now been available for a number of years, but since Google Analytics hit the blocks in 2007, we’ve been counting our hits.  Users in 221 countries have accessed the site.  By the looks of it, only Western Sahara has not accesed the data!  Users anywhere?

3d terrain of the Greek islands, taken from one of our many users at

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4 Comments to “DAPA’s SRTM topography data reaches 750,000 users”

  1. Luigi says:

    Congratulations. But how can one make such nice 3d images?

  2. [...] publication, our friend Andy Jarvis is reduced to celebrating an artificial milestone on the DAPA blog today. Normally I would treat such awkward space filling with the contempt they deserves, but today [...]

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