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Environmental niche characterization for high quality coffee in Nicaragua

Climate change will likely impact Mesoamerican agriculture and coffee is not the exception: Coffee growers could suffer significant negative impacts if adaptation measures are not taken at proper times. Mesoamerica is widely known for its high quality speciality-coffee-beans. For this reason, significant importance is given to the coffee cropping system across the region.

CIAT’s Carlos Zelaya was interviewed on Nicaraguan TV about the Center’s studies on Nicaraguan coffee quality.

Dr. Zelaya, a high-profile agronomist based on CIAT’s Nicaragua office, was featured on “Noticias Once” to discuss a recently-completed project aiming to link environmental conditions in the Las Segovias region of Nicaragua and the quality of coffee beans produced there.

The project, named “Interacción de la Calidad del Café de Las Segovias con su Ambiente Natural e Identificación de Nichos de Alta Calidad (Interaction between Las Segovias coffee quality and the environment for the identification of high quality coffee niches), and done in collaboration with local farmer organizations such as CAFENICA, UCOSEMUN, PRODECOOP and FUNICA, zonified Las Segovias’ coffee quality spatial distribution and identified the major environmental factors for special coffee beans.

The study will serve as a baseline for strengthening local coffee development programs in the northern region of Nicaragua, in a target population of some ten thousand producers.

Find out more by clicking the video screen.

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