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Farmer testimonials for CCAFS begin!

A farmer in the Embu region of Kenya

A farmer in the Embu region of Kenya

It’s all go at the moment with CCAFS.  This week an ICT/KM team made the first visit to CCAFS sites in East Africa to take farmer testimonials on climate-related stresses and perspectives.  The team are in Embu (Kenya) taking photos and video of farmers talking about how they confront climate risk, and what options they have for adapting to the challenges in the future.  Some farmers might also touch on issues of mitigation, through tree planting or carbon friendly soil management practices.  The idea is to listen to what they have to say.  We’ll continue sharing the tales from the field, and soon we should be able to share a link where we will deposit the testimonials in a more formal and interactive platform.  Watch this space.

There are some spectacular photos here, and my favourite is shown above.  Thanks Peter Casier for sharing from the field.

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One response to Farmer testimonials for CCAFS begin!

  • Enrica Porcari says:

    great pictures indeed Andy! Glad to see things are moving forward! Getting platform ready to deploy a platform to view all this great material!

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