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Gender and Social Diversity in the Research Cycle: Building Capacity

(NAIROBI, 2014) Many people often assume and expect that the task of gender integration in research project is the task of Gender Focal Person. Moreover, researchers consider that it is a common knowledge about how to include gender and social diversity in the research cycle. Yet, when working in an interdisciplinary team this common knowledge about integrating gender and social diversity in the research cycle differs among researchers.


Nairobi_Bose 2014

Seating (L to R): Emely (CIAT, Zambia), David (CREAF/FAO, Spain), Fred (CIAT, Tanzania), Han van Dijk (ASC, Netherlands), Wendy (CIAT, Kenya), Kristofer (CGIAR Consortium, Kenya), and Pius (ICRAF, Uganda). Standing (L to R): Purabi Bose (CIAT, Colombia), An (CIAT, Kenya), Angela (ASC, Netherlands), Savyasachi (Shristi School of Art, India), Nafisa (CCAFS, Kenya), Peris (NMK, Kenya), Icaro (Freelance, Brazil), Jane (ICRAF, Uganda), Juliet (CIAT, Kenya), Joan (ICRAF, Kenya), Mieke (ICRAF, Kenya), Rutuja (Shristi, India). ‘Gender and Social Diversity in Research Cycle’ two-day workshop organized by Purabi Bose in Nairobi, Kenya, 27-28 November 2014

To provide a platform for knowledge sharing, communication and capacity building a two-day workshop was organized on 27-28 November 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. Facilitated by Prof. Han van Dijk from the Wageningen University and the African Studies Center in the Netherlands, and coordinated and co-facilitated by Dr. Purabi Bose, who is CIAT’s gender focal person for the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry, Colombia. The aim of this workshop was to share and learn through experience and practice ways to integrate gender from the inception stage of research idea, research questions, conceptual framework, methods, data collection and analysis, and ethics.

The concept of ‘social diversity’ was introduced by Dr. Purabi Bose to ensure recognition of social inclusion of ethnicity, caste, class, age, education, economic background among other individual and collective identity of an individual.

The workshop was limited to 20 participants and brought together a gender-balanced, multi-disciplinary, experienced and amateur gender experts, and representation from the CGIAR Centers, CGIAR Research Programs and regional partners. This diverse group of participants were taken through all the steps of a gender and social diversity research cycle by Prof. Han van Dijk. The participants after each steps of research cycle had to reflect how, why, when, where, with whom to integrate gender and diversity in their own research contexts. They were engaged in formulating a gender focussed key research question and grounding the interlinked concepts of gender, diversity, institutions

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