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Generation Atlas

We presented a poster on the “Generation Atlas” online map server at the General Research Meeting of the Generation Challenge Program, Sept 21-25, in Hyderabad, India

Generation Atlas
Glenn Hyman and Ernesto Giron
International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Cali, Colombia;

Geographic information science supports crop improvement in a number of ways and scientists are increasingly taking advantage of the technology. Yet the technology remains beyond the reach of
many professionals who have not had the opportunity to master GIS software programs and the methodologies employed. Generation Atlas seeks to bring spatial information and analysis to a broader
group of crop improvement specialists working in the Generation Challenge Program. The tool provides data and some simple analysis capabilities aimed at evaluating the geographic context within which
crop improvement takes place. The Atlas is an online map server built on ESRI technology. It includes map layers related to GCP focus crops, countries and farming systems. Available information emphasizes
production constraints that are the focus of GCP research, such as drought, soil properties and socioeconomic conditions. Several tools support simple queries of drought conditions at a site and across the globe. Tools are available to evaluate conditions at sites or trials sites that are part of phenotyping networks. The data sets are all publicly available for use in standard GIS software packages.
Related GCP project–G8009.06.05/ Activity 3.2.5: Phenotyping sites and screening protocols (Activity Leader: Xavier Delannay, GCP)

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