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Guide to geo-tagging digital photos (English y Español)

Jun 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Data, Field work

ASB researchers Glenn Hyman, Efrain Leguia and Konstantin Koenig on banks of the Ucayali River in Pucallpa, Peru

During a land-use workshop held 10 days ago in Perú, we developed this guide to geo-tagging digital photos using GPS. I would appreciate any suggestions or comments, especially about other methods and other resources with respect to geo-tagging.

Before REALU’s land-use workshop in the Peruvian Amazon river port city of Pucallpa, Perú during the last week of May, ASB researchers conducted a three-day field campaign to validate their land-use mapping efforts. The purpose of the trip was to verify the map based on what they see on the ground. The researchers linked field notes, global positioning system (GPS) points and digital photographs to support their validation exercise. One outcome of this activity was the development of a guide on how to geo-tag digital photographs. The attached documents in English and Spanish give a step-by-step guide on how to assign the correct geographic coordinates to photographs taken in the field.

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  1. Glenn Hyman says:

    thanks to Andy Nelson for sending me the links below — very good resources on geo-tagging:

    and general links to other similar software here

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