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Hotspots of vulnerability from climate change: major CCAFS report released today

Today the CCAFS program released a major report on climate change vulnerability, looking at it from a truly agricultural perspective and the results are pretty worrying.  The study, lead by our colleagues at ILRI, identifies 100’s of million of people in the tropics who are highly sensitive to climate change (i.e. have low adaptive capacity) and who are significantly exposed to it (high temperatures, reduced growing season length etc.).  The resultant map (below), shows in red the areas potentially most affected.

Plenty of interesting discussion going on around the world about the report.  See for example this piece in Time Magasine, or stories in the BBC, the Guardian, and Nature.

The report is released in the run up to the Bonn SBSTTA climate negotiations, where it is absolutely crucial that agriculture gets on the map.  The good news is that it is now finally on the agenda for the negotiators.  Let’s see if it stays that way going into Durban COP17 in December, where CCAFS will be publishing the report of the Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change.

As you all surely know, the DAPA program is a major contributor to CCAFS, and home to the leadership of Theme 1 on Adapting to Progressive Climate Change.


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