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Impacts of climate change on supply chains in Guatemala, Bogota and Jamaica

Climate change is expected to have varied impacts on the livelihoods of small-scale farmers around the world. Whether these changes will have negative or positive impacts will be highly dependent on the farmers’ ability to adapt and take advantage of the changing climatic conditions, while simultaneously overcoming the challenges.

In light of the pending impacts that climate change is expected to have on the livelihood of small farmers around the world, CIAT, on behalf of Oxfam LAC, has recently completed a series of research aimed at identifying the potential impacts that climate change will have on this group. These research, conducted in Guatemala, Bogota and Jamaica, also assessed the potential impacts that climate change may have on efforts to establish a sustainable supply chain from these small farms to particular markets. Additionally, CIAT’s scientists and researchers have identified possible adaptation and mitigation strategies and have evaluated the potential impacts that such efforts are likely to have.

For more detailed reports, please click the relevant links below:

Methodology Report

Adaptation Framework Report

Gender Report

Case Study: Bogota

Site Report: Duitama, Boyaca

Site Report: Guasca, Cundimarca

Site Report: La Vega, Cundinamarca

Site Report: Caqueza, Cundinamarca

Site Report: Choconta, Cundinamarca

Site Report: San Bernardo, Cundinamarca

Site Report: San Antonio de Tequendama, Cundinamarca

Case Study: Guatemala

Site Report: Patzun

Site Report: Tecpan

Site Report: Concepcion

Site Report: San Antonio

Site Report: Santa Catarina

Case Study: Jamaica

Site Report: Beacon

Site Report: Dumfries

Site Report: Christiana

Site Report: Fort George

Site Report: Tangle River

Site Report: Douglas Castle

Carbon Footprint in the Caribbean and Latin America

Carbon Footprint Methodology

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