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International Day of Forests Research Seminar: Forests and Food from Rights-Based Analysis

Forests and Food: A Rights-Based Analysis

How a rights-based analysis to enhance the contribution of food and non-food products from the forests and sustainable management of forests? Can a landscape approach help us to bridge the policy and practice gap towards forests and food security?

21 March 2014 International Day of Forests was celebrated at the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Cali, Colombia on Friday 28 March 2014. Click here for the detailed agenda.

Like last year (2013), CIAT’s CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry integrating Gender (CRP-FTA Gender) organized a research seminar inviting all participating centers and partners to share their research work on forests and food security and nutrition.

International day of Forests Research Seminar - 2014 - Photo Group


Purabi Bose, CIAT’s social scientist and CRP-FTA gender focal person introduced the Photo Competition initiative.
The ‘Forests-Agriculture Interface through a Gender Lens’ competition  will select the best 100 photos and their respective stories – about the success or failure of integrating the gender component into research projects on forests, including dry lands and their inhabitants; agroforestry in vulnerable places; and non-timber forest products – and will publish them in an special book to be launched during the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) World Congress 2014.

The introduction to research seminar topic ‘Forests and Food: Landscape Approach’ briefly touched upon the opportunities of landscape approach i.e. it integrates sector specific studies (gender, economics, politics, ecological). For future studies there is need to reflect on how to ensure the landscape research gets translated into policy outcomes. Each landscape is understood in a different way at the local level. In practice, the concept of landscape rarely overlaps with the administrative boundary. Below find the brief introduction 

The Keynote Speaker for the event was Prof. dr. mr. Bernd van der Meulen, Chair of Law and Governance, Wageningen UR, and Director of European Institute for Food Law, Netherlands. He was awarded Law Degree (mr) and PhD from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.
Prof. Bernd provided an overview from legal and human rights dimension on ‘Agriculture and Food Security: A Rights-Based Analysis’. His research presentation covered two legal elements of the Right to Food (Article 11 of ICESCR, and Article 12 of CEDAW) with focus on country perspective of USA, Netherlands and Belgium, Switzerland and South Africa, and India’s Right to Food Act, 2013. Below find the Keynote presentation on  Agriculture and Food Security: A Rights-Based Analysis.

LIGHTNING TALK (each presenter had 10mins to highlight research issues, interventions, challenges, and lessons learned, which was followed by 5mins of Q&A session).

Nathalie van Vliet, CIFOR, Colombia, presented on food security, bush-meat use and trade in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. This research study findings indicate that bush-meat consumption in region might be higher than in Central Africa. However, the bush-meat trade continues to be a hidden trade and remains an unorganized sector in the frontiers of Amazon region. Below find presentation on the bush-meat trade in frontiers of Brazil, Peru and Colombia

Jennifer Twyman, CCAFS – CIAT, Colombia presented a case study on the climate-smart agriculture and conservation from Cuenca Rio Piedras, Colombia.
Click here to see the CSA presentation.

Carolina Alcazar, Bioversity International, Colombia presented on tree-based restoration of the floristic and genetic diversity of Tropical Dry Forests.
Click here to see the Dry Forests Colombia presentation.

Gisella Cruz, DAPA, CIAT, Colombia, presented her research work on ecosystem services and food security of ASSET project, which is a multi-institutional collaboration of ESPA initiative.

Carolina Navaratte, DAPA, CIAT, Colombia, presented her preliminary PhD research objectives and conceptual framework on multi-level governance with focus on two contrasting landscapes – Colombian Amazon and Peruvian Amazon.

Jhon Tello and Paula of Terra-i, CIAT, Colombia. Check out new interesting short documentary film of Terra-i. Here is the link to Terra-i documentary film: http://youtu.be/-ejwEclAuKE.

Please feel free to leave your comments, suggestions and ideas for collaboration. Thank you.

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