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My 2009 Knowledge Sharing Highlights

Fishbowl exercise at ShareFair09

2009 started with a super event: The Share Fair 09 in Rome, jointly organized by CGIAR, Bioversity, FAO, WFP, IFAD. This event assembled all the elements that we have been promoting during the Knowledge Sharing project: 1500 visitors participated in interactive conference sessions using a variety of group settings, and the huge active team became live social reporters. What we started in 2005 at CIAT’s first knowledge sharing week is now mainstreamed into many partner organizations. Thank you Antonella, Nancy, Petr, Gauri, Luca, Andrew, Valeria, Vanessa, Lucie, Nadia, Enrica, Cécile and, and, and.

Brainstorming session

The design and facilitation of the highly successful CGIAR Strategic Communications workshop in Penang, March 2009 which gathered all CG communications directors was another excellent opportunity to showcase where innovative opportunities lie for corporate and research communications. The hands-on sessions on social media show today their effect at COP15. Thank you Laura, and Nathan.

The creation of the Facilitating Impact Team within DAPA is an opportunity to strengthen the CIAT impact group and an acknowledgement to the importance of combining classical economic analysis of impact with qualitative assessment and support. Thank you Sophie, and Katherine.

Within CIAT, the internal seminar on social media accelerated their internal adoption (i.e. CIAT blog, CIAT photo and slide sharing)

ILAC brief_foto

Graphic Facilitation at KS Workshop Ethiopia

The collective and multi-center effort to write an article on our knowledge sharing capacity strengthening efforts with stories from participants who showcase the impact of the training has been rewarded. The article will appear in March 2010 in a international peer reviewed journal. From the same effort an ILAC brief was published that promotes virtual collaboration tools. Thank you Nancy, Peter, Pete, Vanessa, Ben, Florenxia, Alessandra, Alexandra, and Gauri.

cg cons google groups

Google Groups Homepage

The assistance in terms of design, technology stewardship and facilitation of two CGIAR Change e-consultations, one using Skype chat and the other using Google groups showcased the efficiency of low-cost and participatory solutions. “We are much closer to having a Consortium Constitution and Fund Framework that multiple stakeholders support. We have worked to achieve this comfort level through face-to-face meetings, teleconferences, and electronic consultations in recent months with donors, Alliance leadership, and the World Bank in its role as trustee. For example, several outstanding issues on the Fund were resolved during an e-consultation with donors earlier this month.” Kathy Sierra on CGIAR change blog. Thank you Ameliah, Iftikhar and all the CGIAR Secretariat Team.

gfar e-cons

GFAR Web site on regional consultations

The coordination of the GCARD e-consultations was a compensated gigantic effort to offer broad stakeholder engagement into the ambitious GCARD process: Over 2000 participants could be enrolled world-wide in 6 regional e-consultations. An article was published in the Collective Action Newsletter. In addition, the effective facilitation of the LAC face-to-face meeting contributed significantly to the success of the meeting and fostered the relationships among LAC actors. Thank you Mark, Ajit, Jacky, Yvonne, Leighla, Valeria and Jacqueline.

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