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Linkage is the key for more successful research

For CIAT linking to Advance Research Institutes (ARI) has being key to increase our impact assessment capacity, our aim is to bring post-graduate students from top ranked Universities that have done research related to Agricultural and Applied Economic field. CIAT offers a unique opportunity to do ground research due to the diversity of research topics and commodities that handles. Some successful examples of this impact assessment initiatives are the evaluations that we have done by linking top ARI’s like University of Nebraska, and Virginia Tech.

In addition to this, we are always pursuing to establish more diverse and strong contacts. In recent days, economic scientists from CIAT held a video conference meeting with top professors of The University of California at Davis establishing diverse lines of interest for further research. For example, topics like Climate Change, Impact Assessment, Bio-economy, among others were identified for potential collaboration. Professors like Alston, J., Barker, J., Boucher, S., Jarvis, L., Taylor, J.E., Carter, M., Vosti, S., and Lybbert, T., were part of the conference and feel very keen on potential collaboration trough post-graduate students and direct linkage with themselves. This kind of initiatives have open a great window to continue pushing forward the threshold of economic analysis excellence in agriculture.

CIAT never stops looking forward to increase these initiatives and has started discussion with other universities like Michigan State or the University of Minnesota that are leading research centers in this field. The newer changes that the CGIAR is facing has increased the collaboration with ARI and even our CGIAR brothers. Initiatives like GRISP and CCAFS have enhance this opportunities for linkage for more successful research.

Linking to Advance Research Institutions

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