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Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area – DAPA

Policy buff? Come work for us!

We think that policy is THE best means that DAPA can achieve our goals of making the world a much better place.  And so we’re looking for an inspirational policy expert who can work in the team to strengthen our policy analysis capacity, and develop a dynamic network of partners and collaborators to ensure that our policy relevant research makes it from scientific papers into better public and private policy documents.


This position will take on a leadership role on policy analysis and turning science evidence into policy influence globally. The candidate will strengthen and lead the Policy Expert Group in the Decision and Policy Analysis (DAPA) research area of CIAT. The DAPA group is a growing research area of CIAT that works towards CIAT’s mission of eco-efficient agriculture for the tropics by ensuring improved decision making by a range of stakeholders on the themes of climate change, linking farmers to markets and ecosystem services.

The Policy Expert Group in DAPA is focused on identifying, designing, conducting and communicating scientific analysis such that DAPA’s research outcomes serve as an input for improved decision-making at local, national and regional levels and thus contribute to reducing hunger and poverty in the tropics. DAPAs Policy Group is focused on policy incidence, and in collaboration with the Impact and Strategic Studies group provides a feedback loop on policy analysis through ex-ante and ex-post policy impact assessment that will guide the improvement of the policy incidence strategies.

We are looking for a candidate who can understand, engage and influence multiple ‘policy environments’ at the country or regional level through targeted policy analysis and strategic policy influencing activities. We envisage the successful candidate to have a proven track record in generating a network of multiple actors who influence policy and decision-making in a given topic / geography.

For more information go here.  Applications close 25th October, 2013.


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