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Research-Driven Outreach for Improving the Governance of Agricultural Cooperatives in Uganda

By: Gian Nicola Frsncesconi, Samuel Ocung, Emmanuel Letaa, & Noah Owomugisha (CIAT-Uganda).

During the last quarter of 2014 CIAT organized three events on cooperative agribusiness governance in Kampala, in collaboration with IFPRI and IITA:

1. A research seminar based on an upcoming publication by CIAT and IFPRI in the International Journal of Agricultural Economics, titled: “Promoting the role of Farmer Organizations for value chain integration”. This event was attended mostly by researchers from the CGIAR and agri-business service providers from different private and public organizations (SNV, B-Space, NCBA-CLUSA, etc.).

2. A training and coaching session (see photo below) for the leaders and managers of three major Ugandan coffee cooperatives: Kibinge Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Society, Nile Highland Arabica Coffee Farmer Association and Busoga Growers Cooperative Union. This session was hosted by Ease-Agr, a private company specialized in the provision of agri-business development services to Ugandan cooperatives.

3. A second research seminar based on an ongoing joint research project by IFPRI and CIAT, titled: “Identifying challenges to collective commercialization by Farmer Organizations: cross-country learning”. This event was attended by researchers from the CGIAR, agri-business service providers from different private and public organizations (SNV, Agribusiness Ltd., etc.) and MSC students from the agricultural economics faculty of Makerere University.








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