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RTB Workshop Starts today

Irrigated Areas and Farming Systems

Map from IWMI on irrigation overlaid on John Dixon’s farming systems

RTB (Roots, Tubers and Bananas) Workshop Starts today in Cali Colombia CIAT’s headquarters. We have 19 people from IITA, CIAT, CIP and Bioversity. One of our objectives is to test out cloud technology for sharing geographic information. We are using resources from the CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information’s (CSI)  agreement with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). The technology is ArcGIS Online. The four CGIAR centers are pooling together their data and putting it in ArcGIS Online. Here below is a map of irrigated areas from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) overlaid on a maps of John Dixon’s Farming Systems map. Use your mouse to pan and zoom around the maps. Note you can pan to different parts of the world. This blog post is calling the ArcGIS Online system and data stored on the cloud.

View Larger Map

So far, we are quite pleased with the drawing speeds. We  did have some difficulty getting everyone signed on to the system, but we did manage to do with only a 25 minute delay in our agenda. Today we are discussing input data into a multi-criteria evaluation process. Tomorrow, we split up into group according to crop, and begin thinking about the geographic dimension of RTB priorities.

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2 responses to: "RTB Workshop Starts today"

  • Hi,
    What type of analysis, data and useful end products were discussed during this workshop?
    Any briefing paper or maps / data model / queries available?

    And no tags relevant to GIS, mapping…?

    Cédric Jeanneret

    • Glenn Hyman says:

      Hi Cedric…. thanks for your message. the short answer is not yet. this is the kick=off meeting for this initiative which is part of the much larger RTB project (www.rtb.cgiar.org). Stay tuned….

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