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State of the World 2011 report out!

The Worldwatch Institute has recently published its annual State of the World report titled, “Innovations that Nourish the Planet”, which makes some very insightful proposals on tackling hunger and supporting rural liviehoods.

The report argues that previous attempts to feed the world’s population have failed because approximately 925 million people globally still go hungry everyday. Instead, it suggests that rather than increasing food production, which is the most common measure argued to solve hunger issues, a more concise strategy has to be adopted where food security and climate change are addressed in tandem. For example, measures that encourage self-sufficiency and waste reduction in both developing and developed countries: ‘’f we shift just some of our attention away from production to consumption issues and reducing food waste, we might actually get quite a big bang for our buck, because that ground has been neglected,” said Brian Halweil, co-director of the Worldwatch Institiute’s Nourishing the Planet Project.

The report also believes that smallholders are vital in maintaining food supplies and after many years of neglect have finally started to receive investments again. Moreover, the authors outline 15 environmentally friendly and sustainable strategies to address hunger. These include the expansion of organic farming, sourcing food locally and targeting food waste.

The Worldwatch Institute is an independent research organisation based in Washington in the USA. The report was published with the support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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