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Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area – DAPA

Story Maps – bringing data to life

A new storytelling format has caught the attention of CIAT’s Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area.

The online tool Story Maps enables users to combine text, pictures and videos with – you guessed it – maps, to help bring their stories to life.

It’s particularly useful for DAPA, where maps are a go-to format for visualising research: from showing crop suitability and the impacts of climate change, to tracking deforestation.

A recent in-house competition to develop the best story map resulted in the following submissions, each of which use the platform in a slightly different way.

A story about the vital importance of cassava in Southeast Asia, and the many risks this “Rambo root” faces from pest and disease outbreaks.

First Place – Achilles’ Heel

In Ghana, climate change threatens one of the world’s most cherished crops, cocoa – the key ingredient in chocolate.

The satellite-based deforestation monitoring system Terra-I can home in on hotspots of forest clearance from outer space. In this story the Terra-i team looks at the effects of one of the key drivers of habitat loss and environmental damage in the Amazon – gold mining. Storymap in Spanish.

Rapid development in Panama has put increasing pressure on the country’s forests. Here we take a look at what’s happened in terms of tree cover and carbon stocks, and what might happen to these in the future. Storymap in Spanish.

Find out more about what CIAT and its partners are doing to understand how sustainable land-use practices can benefit the communities in the Amazon region of Peru and Colombia.


Traveling the world with Crop Wild Relatives

A world tour of where to find some vital wild plants that could help secure our future food supply.

Engaging Farmers and Experts in Feedback Loops – the 5Q approach

An overview of CIAT’s pioneering new approach to increase the impact of research projects. 5Q is a simple, cheap and potentially highly-effective monitoring and evaluation system that has been tested in Tanzania.

Convenio CVC-CIAT

An overview of CIAT’s work with the Colombian government to provide the scientific basis to support sustainable agricultural development in the country. Storymap in Spanish.



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