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The third update of TERRA-i Peru – What is it all about?

Since TERRA-i Peru was officially launched in April 2014, multiple outcomes and dissemination have been relevant for the continuity of this initiative Read more...

2014 MundoGEO#Connect, Brazil – a large regional meeting about the latest developments in geospatial technologies

Although the World Cup in Brazil has caught the attention of most of the international... Read more...

Un homenaje a Jorge Humberto Becerra y su aporte a la base de datos climáticos

Yo creo que aunque la gente no lo ve, la lucha para construir la base de datos de clima ha sido continua. En la época en que empecé no había programas Read more...

The Terra-i tool presented as conservation asset at world’s largest GIS conference

Terra-i team member Alejandro Coca familiarized attendees of the the world’s largest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and conservation event in Ca Read more...

Geeky misfits delivering science for impact

Interested in movie stars, geeks, misfits and international development? If so, check out a reflection on where we are with the DAPA research area. Read more...

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