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Facts about deforestation, coca crops and the conflict in Colombia

In the first blog post in our series on conflict and deforestation, we outlined the potential drivers of deforestation in Colombia and discussed evide Read more...

Forest and conflicts in Colombia: Exploitation of natural resources or gunpoint conservation?

According to FAO around 129 millions of hectares of forests, accounting for an area about the size of South Africa, have been lost to deforestation wo Read more...

How violence affects farmers in Colombia and beyond

Civil war and armed conflicts around the world have had grave impacts on farmers as they often mainly affect rural areas. Violence and the uncertain e Read more...

Violence incidents and the durations of agribusiness of smallholder farmers: evidence from Colombia

During the last year I’ve been studying agribusiness contract durations to investigate the effects of violence events on their survival in Colombia. I Read more...

Una mirada a la Amazonia a través del lente de la seguridad climática

El cambio climático mundial generalmente es presentado como un problema ambiental. Los analistas, hoy por hoy, lo perciben como un “multiplicador de a Read more...

Amazonia’s security dilemma – Why climate security matters

Amazonia, or often called Amazon rainforest, refers to the vast territory that covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America. Extremely rich in bio Read more...

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