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Terra-i: Strong response to tool’s launch during Rio+20

Terra-i, a system for near real time land cover or habitat change monitoring over Latin America, was launched during the Rio+20 conference in Brazil. Mark Mulligan, of King’s College London, Louis Reymondin Ph.D supervisor, showed the power of the tool and potential applications during the multiple “Dialog days” held during the conference. After the official post by the King’s College London entitled “Deforestation tracker Rio+20 launch”, the launch of Terra-i received widespread media interest:

“A New Satellite Tool Tracks Deforestation” – by The New York Times;

“First Satellite Deforestation Tracker For Latin America Shows Tree-Felling Has Risen By 340%” – by The Huffington Post UK;

“Watch Deforestation from Space” – by Discovery News;

“First Satellite Deforestation Tracker for Whole of Latin America” – by ScienceDaily;

– “Terra-i: the most precise real-time deforestation tracker yet” – by arstechnica.com;

“Terra-i tracks deforestation across Latin America in near real-time” – by wired.co.uk;

“Deforestation tracker Rio+20 launch” – by EarthSky.org;

“Scientists develop first satellite deforestation tracker for whole of Latin America” – by Phys.org;

– “Sistema de satélites vai monitorizar florestas da América Latina (Satellite system will monitor Latin America forests)” – Ciênciahoje.pt;

“Terra-i, un preciso seguimiento en tiempo real de deforestación de bosques y selvas (Terra-i, an accurate real-time deforestation monitoring of forests and jungles)”  – by wwwhatsnew.com;

“Terra-i, la deforestación bajo la lente (Terra-i, deforestation under lens)” – by eleconomista.mx;

– “Wycinanie Amazonii nie tylko w Brazylii (Cutting the Amazon, not only in Brazil)” – by Gazeta.pl

As well as a favorable response from  Rio+20 delegates, the Terra-i website received lots of new subscribers and  3000 visitors in one day. Many shared the map visualization tool on social media networks (Twitter, Facebook and Youtube). Also, we have received lot of e-mails with suggestions and feedback that have been valuable for improving the tool.

It’s also important to highlight the user’s role in the project. As Dr. Mulligan said to The New York Times, “The best way to improve a system is to get people to use it”.

For further information about Terra-i news, publications and data downloads visit:


Finally, Terra-i team would like to thank Karolina Argote, who recently left her position at the team, for her amazing work and dedication to the project. She played a fundamental role in the team and her invaluable contributions will help us continue to develop and refine Terra-i in the future.

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