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Visualizing Research: Release of public policy project video

In a continuing effort to make the results of our research here at CIAT more accessible and visually dynamic, DAPA’s Linking Farmers to Markets team is proud to announce the release of an exciting video detailing the case study used in the Ford Foundation funded project, “Public Policies on Linking Farmers to Markets in Colombia and the Latin American Region: Making Farmers More Competitive, Less Poor,” of the vegetable supply chain of Boyacá, Colombia.

Our video, called “Cultivando Cambio: La situación de los tomates en Boyacá, Colombia” includes footage from the July 2014 regional committee meeting, where we presented study results and policy recommendations. You can read more about the regional workshops here.

It is our hope that this video provides an alternative manner of understanding our data, as we include the perspectives and opinions of NGO professionals, commercial growers, ministry officials and the producers themselves. Enjoy, and we look forward to posting a version with English subtitles soon, as well as sharing the final installation in our series of three policy briefs, “Pro-Poor and Pro-Growth: A Case Study of Public Policy and the Regional Tomato Supply Chain Committee in Boyacá, Colombia.”


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