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Genowefa Blundo Canto

Slow science, fast policy

Monitoring knowledge, skills, attitude, or practice changes in meetings and training events where researchers and policy makers interact directly prov Read more...

Informing national climate mitigation and adaptation plans in Latin America

Latin America is at a critical point where many national governments and well-organized sectors are developing their climate mitigation and adaptation Read more...

Managing evidence: a new actor connecting evaluators and policy makers

Version en Español (Link)   Last Wednesday at the ReLAC Conference we received a reality check on what is the information that is most relevant t Read more...

Manejando la evidencia: un nuevo perfil conectando evaluadores con formuladores de políticas

English version (Link)   El Miercoles pasado, en la Conferencia ReLAC recibimos un choque con la realidad sobre cuál es la información más releva Read more...

Forest concern, a better synergy between agriculture and ecosystem services

The beginning of the new year is a great opportunity to share progress on studies recently started by CIAT to generate new knowledge on the synergy be Read more...

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