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Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area – DAPA
Data Management

Data Management


Welcome to the DAPA Data Management Section. This section has been designed to help you understand what resources DAPA offers. What to do in order to facilitate you work.


What we need?

Maintain information:

Three main pillars

  • Centralized: Easier control of data, prevents data inconsistency, facilitates the exchange of information and keep data organized.
  • Secure: Suitable repository. Keep confidenciality, availability and integrity of the information; allow reuse of data.  Constant backups procedures.

Data + metadata = Context

  • Updated: Necesary tool for collaborative work, facilitate administrative tasks and correct use of the information’s versioning.

To help create the enabling environment for Open Access implementation.


Data Management System


Processing servers: Designed for major computing needs, increasing computer processing power available.

Development Environments: DAPA offers testing environment. Options: in the cloud (AWS instance), in DAPA-CIAT (dedicated server) and in IT Unit-CIAT (virtual instance).

Storage: This resource is called dapadfs.  It has a special Orgaizational Data Structure.ods

Backups: The information stored in dapadfs (main storage system) is backed with a certain periodicity. The completed projects will be delivered to CIAT for institutional memory.

Metadata and Documentation: It is highly recommended to document and standarize your information since the begining (New Project*).



For more information contact:

Paola Camargo p.a.camargo@cgiar.org

Jorge Cardona j.cardona@cgiar.org

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One response to Data Management

  • OLWENY LUKIO says:

    It is pleasing to hear DAPA/CIAT has adopted data warehousing technologies to match up the challenges of time and space changing datasests. This will not only increase the accessibility and the availability but also provoke usage of forward looking statistical methodologies including machine learning technologies. The use of these methodologies have never been such flexible and adaptable and have ,for a long time been confined to marketing analytics ,web analytics etc.

    It is my sincere hope that I will join a cgiar-based research firm again.

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