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Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area – DAPA
Linking Farmers to Markets

Linking Farmers to Markets

Key Objective:

To ensure enabling public and private sector policies for smallholder farmers to profit from emerging market opportunities.


The Linking Farmers to Markets Research Group mobilizes efforts to promote market-based solutions for the global poor living in the tropics. With over 3 billion of the world’s poorest directly involved in agriculture, we are addressing the gap between poor farmers and diverse markets. We work in concert with a range of partners on these topics with the goal of applying targeted research capacity to drive systemic change.

Background Information:

Three out of four individuals -over 3 billion people- live in rural areas and most depend on substance agriculture to meet their basic food needs. We are actively involved in understanding the methods and mechanisms by which small scale farmers can be integrated into a more sustainable food system – one that includes the world’s poorest and offers them a sustainable way out of poverty. By analyzing new partnerships within the public and private sector, considering new businesses models for small-holder  inclusion,  promoting sustainable sourcing, and uncovering new financial tools for social entrepreneurship and agro-enterprise development, we believe that significant progress can be made towards the 2050 Millennium Development Goal of halving poverty, reducing hunger, and increasing the livelihoods of billions

Key focus:

  • New Business Models for Sustainable Trading Relationships
  • Social Entrepreneurship for Pro-Poor Agriculture Development
  • Sustainable, Inclusive Supply Chains
  • Distribution, Access, and Food Security Issues for Developing Countries
  • Public Policies for Inclusive Supply chains in Latin America


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