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Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area – DAPA



To reduce rural poverty through improved decision making at the public and private level across Latin America and beyond.


To contribute to improved decision making across Latin America and beyond through the provision of novel and accurate information about agricultural systems and associated natural resources from the farm- to the continental- level; and to influence key governmental and non-governmental organizations to ensure that the rural poor benefit from public and private sector policies

Key Objectives

1. To fully understand the likely impacts of climate change on agricultural systems, livelihoods and critical ecosystem services, and identify best-bet adaptation strategies from local to global level.

2. To improve the management of critical ecosystem services through pro-poor payment schemes for water and carbon in Latin America.

3. To ensure that public and private sector policies provide the opportunity for smallholder farmers to profit from emerging market opportunities.

4. To maximize the impact and returns on investment of agricultural research and development through ex ante and ex post impact assessment.

5. To reduce gender inequality as to provide access to goods and resources so that women and their families can better adapt to climate change.

6. To contribute to a more effective adoption of research outcomes through knowledge and capacity strengthening.


DAPA has a wide range of partners across Latin America, Africa, Asia, and beyond.  Key partners in Latin America are regionalorganizations including CONDESAN for the Andes, and the Amazon Initiative in the Amazon as well as major international NGOs. Within “Markets” the Sustainable Food Lab is an essential umbrella organization for influencing private-sector policy.

Where we work

The geographic focus is on Latin America, but we also provide technical support to other research projects in Asia and Africa.  Key target regions are Central America (high poverty, high vulnerability, poverty focus on projects), the Andes (moderate poverty, moderate vulnerability, significant natural resource challenges), and the Amazon Region (low poverty, globally important natural resources).

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