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Decision and Policy Analysis Research Area – DAPA


DAPA leaders


Research Group leaders




Visiting Researchers


National Staff

  • Bolaños, Rebeca, Secretary
  • Cardona R., Jorge Antonio, System Analyst
  • Castañeda, Nora Patricia, Research Assistant
  • Castaño, Silvia Elena, GIS Coordinator
  • Coca, Alejandro, Research Assistant
  • Díaz, Enna Bernarda, Research Assistant
  • Espinoza G., Herlin Rodolfo, System Analyst
  • Garzón, María Claudia, Office clerk
  • Gil Sabogal, Liliana, Research Assistant
  • Giraldo, Diana Carolina, Research Assistant
  • Guevara, Edward Darío, Research Assistant
  • Henao Gómez, Carlos Andrés, Communications Assistant
  • Herrera, Beatriz Vanessa, Research Assistant
  • Hurtado Bermúdez, John Jairo, Research Assistant
  • Lavado, Angela Patricia, Research Assistant
  • Lopera, Diana Carolina, Research Assistant
  • Martínez, Jesus David, Research Assistant
  • Moreno, Leidy Patricia, Research Assistant
  • Mosquera, Erika Eliana, Communications Assistant
  • Nagles P., Carlos A., GIS Expert
  • Navarro, Carlos Eduardo, Research Assistant
  • Ovalle, Oriana Carolina, Research Assistant
  • Pantoja, Jesus Antonio, Research Assistant
  • Parra-Peña S., Rafael I., Policy Analyst
  • Perez Suárez, Salomón, Research Assistant
  • Rivera, Ovidio, System Analyst
  • Rodríguez, Fernando, Research Assistant
  • Rodríguez, Jefferson, Research Assistant
  • Rodríguez, Magda Beatriz, Research Assistant
  • Tello, Jhon Jairo, System Analyst
  • Tobón, Héctor Fabio, System Analyst
  • Torres, Lilian Patricia, Administrative Assistant
  • Uribe, Natalia, Research Assistant
  • Valencia, Jefferson, Research Assistant
  • Buritica Casanova, Alexander
  • Carmona Balanta, Stephania
  • Carvajal, Hernán Davíd
  • Dorado, Hugo Andres
  • Pérez, Juan Guillermo
  • Muriel, Juliana
  • Tarapues M., Jaime Eduardo



  • Lina Mendez
  • Fabio Castro
  • Gebel Taba


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